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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was last updated November 21st, 2019.

Quick Summary

String Labs collects and stores the information you directly provide to us. This includes your email, and a username/password of your choosing. Your email address is never shared but may be used for things like password reset or other critical account notifications and also for optional notifications that can be disabled. String Labs also uses Google Analytics for site traffic insights.

What information is collected

How do we collect your data?

At registration time, you will provide an email and choose a username and password for your account. Your email and password are also editable in your account and profile settings, along with other optional attributes.

Your IP is sent as part of the HTTP request to our server. This is true for all internet services.

Your browser information is sent with every HTTP request to our server. This is default behavior for all major browsers.

How will we use your data

Your email will be used for log-in and other essential account services, such as receiving instructions to reset your password. Your email may also be used to receive notifications about site activities such as receiving a message from another user or notifications of results of activities you have participated in, or recurring summary emails for services you participate in. Your email will never be disclosed to any other String Labs user or third-party.

How do we store your data

Account and profile information is stored in a database. Your password is stored in an irreversibly encrypted format.

Your data is stored for the duration you have an account.

Right to access and erasure

A summary of all data associated with your account can be provided to you at your request.

You can delete your profile information at any time. Comments made publicly and messages sent to other users are considered a transfer of ownership to the respective users or String Labs and thus cannot be fully removed. If you wish to delete your account, please contact us directly.


Emails will not be sent with the sole purpose of marketing. Emails for other purposes may potentially include references to other services provided by String Labs.

Promotional materials may show up within the site to announce changes or new services.

Cookies and Locally Stored Data

In order to provide log-in services, a cookie is stored in your browser. Additionally, this site uses Google Analytics which also makes use of cookies (see the section on Google Analytics).

Google Analytics

This site makes use of Google Analytics, which also utilizes cookies. We do so to gain insight into user traffic sources, behavior, and patterns. Information on the type of data that is collected and stored by Google can be found in their privacy policy:

Changes to Privacy Policy

Privacy policy changes may be included each time this app is updated.

How to contact us

String Labs, LLC
1000 124th Ave NE
Suite 100
Bellevue, WA 98005, USA